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Penstock Gates

Penstock gates in pakistan

REW is one of the best manufacturers and suppliers of Penstock / Sluice Gate in Pakistan. Since its establishment in 1948, REW has been a leading company in the production of valves in Pakistan. The factory has passed the ISO9001 certification for more than 20 years. It can manufacture and produce penstocks / Sluice Gate with a size of DN5000mm (5mX5m) with a max water head pressure of 50m. The product design covers GB, AWWAC501, BS7775, and other standards. REW can provide penstocks design, OEM, or special customized production services according to your requirements. Welcome to contact us for more information or request a complete product catalog.

Penstock gates in pakistan

Function Of REW Penstock

REW Penstocks are regularly used for a number of operations in both municipal and industrial waste water treatment plants.
Generally they serve the purpose of:

  • Isolating a piece of equipment;
  • Shutting off a whole part of a plant;
  • Controlling water level and / or flow rates.

REW Penstocks are fitted into walls (to close circular, square or rectangular openings/windows) or into channels (with frame enclosed in the concrete).
In case of large gate sizes PAR Penstocks are usually equipped with a gear reduction unit complete with electric actuator.

Trash Racks

Rehman Engineering Works deals in trash racks for DAMS, irrigation & Waste Water System. We are the manufacturer of Trash racks since 1948.
Our Trash Rack Feature Includes:

Positive rake head engagement between trash rack blades.
High impact strength
Easy to maintain
Fully assembled and ready for installation when delivered.

Trash rack stainless steel

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